Who is at Risk for GERD?

Heartburn is an equal-opportunity offender. This digestive symptom affects people of all shapes and sizes, men and women, young and old. Nearly everyone will deal with heartburn at some point in his or her lifetime – but for some, it’s an ongoing issue. Heartburn that becomes chronic is known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD. This … Continued

In Medicine, Less is More

There’s a common affliction that’s rampant in my practice, but it’s not a gastrointestinal condition.  It’s called polypharmacy, and it refers to patients who are receiving a pile of prescription and other medications.  I see this daily in the office and in the hospital.   It’s common enough to see patients who are receiving 10 or … Continued

Is My On-Call Doctor Any Good?

Physicians spend a lot of time counseling patients on the phone.  Often, these conversations occur at night with patients we have never met before. When I am on-call in the evenings or on the weekends, these are some typical phone calls I receive from patients I have never met. I have a very bad stomach … Continued

Communication Between Doctors and Patients – Words Matter

Here’s a quote that readers will not readily recognize. “It is a pity that a doctor is precluded by his profession from being able sometimes to say what he really thinks.” I’ll share the origin of the quote at the post’s conclusion.  How’s that for a teaser?   Physicians by training and experience are guarded … Continued