Can someone help my constipation, please?

Yes.  I’ve seen 1000’s of women with constipation, and nearly all of them can be helped. First, let’s try to agree on what constipation is.  While there is an ‘official definition’, most of us have a more liberal understanding of what constipation is.   Here are some examples of what typical patients regard as constipation. I … Continued

Why Does My Stomach Hurt?

The most common symptom that our gastroenterology (GI) practice sees in our office is abdominal pain.  As is true in other GI medical practices, most of these patients are women.  So, the first lesson for women suffering from abdominal pain is that you are not alone. Treating stomach pain can be enormously gratifying in some … Continued

Weight Loss Made Easy

What’s all this chatter I hear about how hard it is to lose weight? Relax.  Obesity has finally been conquered.  Those stubborn extra pounds that you’ve been stuck with will soon melt faster than a popsicle on a steamy summer day.  Although I am a practicing gastroenterologist who deals with nutritional issues routinely, I did … Continued

Colon Cancer Prevention – What Women Need to Know

In the medical world, information is power.  And, misinformation is confusion.  There are so many medical myths lurking out there, that many folks are bewildered and may not be getting the care that they need.  With so many conflicting opinions on medical issues bombarding us, it’s hard to know what to believe.  Every woman reading … Continued