Should I Try a Gluten-free Diet?

Is gluten really Public Enemy #1?  It seems that everyone is eliminating gluten from their diet for one reason or another.  Restaurants and supermarkets offer a wide variety of gluten-free foods.  Years ago, physicians advised a gluten-free diet only for individuals who had celiac disease (CD), which is an autoimmune disease that largely effects the … Continued

Poor Gut Health Increases Depression, Anxiety Risks

For years, physicians and researchers sought to treat depression by treating the brain, but recent research suggests that the gut has a role in mental health. The nervous system transmits information from all parts of the body through an intricate network of neurons.  Although we mostly associate neurons with the central nervous system and the brain, the … Continued

What are the Benefits of a Colonoscopy?

We take colonoscopy for granted today, but when it came onto the scene decades ago, it was a medical game changer.  It was a revolutionary diagnostic tool that saved lives, and it still does.  Amazingly, it is still the primary tool the gastroenterologist reaches for in his or her toolbox.  While technology has markedly improved … Continued

How Can I Best Use my High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)?

Nearly 40% of Americans have a HDHP, including me.  These plans are popular as they offer lower premiums making the overall cost of insurance more affordable.  But, until the deductible is reached, the individual is paying most of the initial medical expenses out-of-pocket.  This hurts. Before the deductible has been reached, a patient may feel … Continued