Can Exercise Prevent Colon Cancer?

Often, it takes great motivation to exercise.  It seems there’s always an excuse to procrastinate.  How many New Year’s Resolutions include exercise year after year?  But, regular physical activity is so important.  According to a recent study, physical exercise may actually help to prevent colon cancer. For years, exercise has been linked to colon cancer prevention. So, add … Continued

Facts on the Third Leading Cause of Cancer Death in the U.S.

Many folks believe that colon cancer is rare, since it hasn’t affected us or our families.  It’s a classic “it can’t happen to me” phenomenon.  But, it can and it may.  Although we may have been spared, all of us know someone who has been afflicted.  It is not a rare condition. Here are some … Continued

Commit to quit during the Great American Smokeout

Did you know one cigarette contains over 4,000 chemicals and 50 cancer-causing toxins? Cigarettes and tobacco expose the cells in your body to unstable molecules that can damage DNA, causing mutations. These cellular changes make you more susceptible to stroke, heart disease, emphysema, aneurysms and many types of cancer. If you are a smoker, consider … Continued

Don’t be a Stuffed Turkey this Thanksgiving!

Most of us are already planning what we will eat for Thanksgiving dinner. We daydream of juicy slices of turkey, herb stuffing, sweet potato soufflé, green bean casserole, homemade rolls, and fresh-baked pies. Somehow we think Thanksgiving Day is a free pass to eat all we want, and we believe that we can stuff ourselves … Continued