Can Exercise Prevent Colon Cancer?

Often, it takes great motivation to exercise.  It seems there’s always an excuse to procrastinate.  How many New Year’s Resolutions include exercise year after year?  But, regular physical activity is so important.  According to a recent study, physical exercise may actually help to prevent colon cancer.

For years, exercise has been linked to colon cancer prevention. So, add this to the long list of health benefits that exercise can bring you.

Consider this sobering statistic: almost one-third of adults worldwide are physically inactive.  In our increasingly industrialized, technology-based world, people are more likely to spend their adult years sitting behind desks than laboring in fields.  For many of us these days, our ‘exercise’ is striking our keyboards!

It’s important you talk to your primary care physician to determine ideal exercises for your age and fitness level. Colon health is achievable with good nutrition, regular exercise and routine colonoscopies.  Because young-onset colon cancer is increasing, the American Cancer Society now recommends baseline colon screenings at age 45 instead of age 50 for average risk individuals so be sure to review screening options with your physician.

So, get off the couch and get moving! You can start improving your colon health today — one step at a time!

And, just like with exercise, folks procrastinate with their colons.  So, if you are overdue for a screening colonoscopy, I invite you to contact my office.  For your convenience, you can request an appointment here.