How to Have a Happy, Healthy Digestive System this Holiday

The holidays are upon us, and you know what that means.  Calendars are full of parties and potlucks, beckoning you to belly-up and celebrate the spirit of the season. Indulging in calorie-rich, sugary, fatty foods is tantalizing, but often comes at the price of bloating, gas, intestinal discomfort, and heartburn – not to mention  a few extra unwanted pounds! 

So, how can you break the holiday tradition of over-eating and experiencing digestive remorse? Here are some tips to keep in mind while making merry this season:

  1. Holiday treats are special as they’re associated with tradition and only prepared at certain times of the year.  Instead of a heaping plateful, try smaller samples of many items on the holiday table.
  2. Adding more fiber to your diet will make you feel full, creating bulk in the intestines which helps to keep your digestive train moving forward.  Holiday foods are usually low in fiber, causing constipation. By focusing on increasing fiber intake, you will help to keep low-fiber holiday treats in check.
  3. Holiday coffees, sodas, cocktails, and other mulled beverages can trigger gas or irritate your digestion.  Everything in moderation.

By incorporating these tips, you can spend more time mingling with friends and family during seasonal gatherings rather than raiding your medicine cabinet for antacids!  And, if it’s time you or your loved ones give yourselves the gift of gastrointestinal health, I encourage you to contact my office as we are here for all of your GI needs. For your convenience, you can make an appointment here.