Tips for Choosing Where to Have Your Procedure Done

As hospital costs increase, many patients are choosing Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) for outpatient procedures. ASCs are freestanding medical facilities that offer preventative services and surgical care. We have one in our practice adjacent to our medical offices.

Proven to be convenient, efficient and cost-effective, ASCs offer an attractive alternative to a traditional hospital setting for outpatient procedures.  Why do our patients prefer them?  Because we offer outstanding medical quality, but we also provide personalized service and convenience. To begin, parking is right outside the front door.  Once inside, patients enjoy a streamlined process that is hassle free and nearly always on time.  Total time spent with us is about half the time a patient and family would spend at the hospital.

And, costs are much lower with an ASC.  It still puzzles us why a few insurance companies incentivize their patients to use the hospital instead of an ASC.  We don’t get it.

Get informed.

  • Call your insurance company
  • Contact physicians and facilities in your area to compare costs

Annual well visits to your primary care physician are important for reviewing your colon cancer screening options.  The American Cancer Society now recommends that people at average risk for colon cancer begin screening at age 45 instead of age 50.

Is it time for you to get screened?  I encourage you to contact my office to discuss.  For your convenience you may request an appointment here.