Where is the Restroom?

Every one of us has asked the question, ‘where is the restroom’?  There’s a reason why movie theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, stadiums and most business have facilities on site.  Nature may call at any time.

For many of our patients, knowing where the restroom is located is not a casual inquiry.  We take care of hundreds of patients with various types of diarrhea.  For them, nature’s call can come with very little warning.  These are the individuals who know where all of the restrooms are located in the businesses and recreational facilities they visit.  Indeed, for many of them, planning or anticipating their rest room activities is part of their daily routines.  They may be anxious, for example, as they enter a theater to watch a movie knowing they may have to create their own abrupt ‘intermission’ when they receive an intestinal warning.  (At least during the middle of a movie, there will be no line at the restroom.)

In our practice, we can accurately diagnose most folks with diarrheal conditions.  And even those whom we can’t assign a specific diagnosis, we can still help.  We have heard often over the years of folks who are truly afraid to leave their homes to socialize, shop or even worship.  We will work with you to give you greater confidence to enjoy your life outside of your home, as you well deserve.

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